Fun little minecraft seed


Use it with Amplified. You’ll start off on the top of a single very tall mountain in the middle of the ocean, which presents an interesting conundrum-you have a lot of land available to work on, but it is all in a vertical stack.

Minecraft tower seed


I’m the Master of Gripes when it comes to life’s petty annoyances-the smaller the irritation, the larger the gripe-but I keep my mouth shut about the bigger things in my life because somebody, somewhere has it worse, and they don’t have the luxury to lie back in bed in a Sunday morning and pick over words for a Facebook about it.

Case in point. Eric Meyer is a web developer and father whose daughter has had cancer gradually spread, retreat, and finally return as terminal brain tumors. This isn’t another stupid selfie or hashtag, or scheduled tweet about your choice of bra. It isn’t a stupid flyer or editorialized newspaper article or collector shaking their tin outside of the post office.

Eric is a father whose daughter is going to die with little warning at some random point in the near future, and at this point in time no medicine or doctor, priest, or technology can save her.

These are the sobering reminders of the real world that we need-that I needed to remember that I have two small children who I love more than anyone or anything else on this blue Earth-and it isn’t some bullshit image macro that you see, like, share, and never think about again. This is ongoing right now, right at this moment that you should give thought and attention too, because you can’t encapsulate it in a hashtag for convenient resharing.

Read his blog, find your loved ones, and hug them.


I feel negative about my chances, but I am a self-critical pessimist with a perfectionist streak. I reviewed the interview with someone less critical, and they seem to think I did alright.

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