I’m weak


I’ve completely ignored the 091 Labs site since May, when I pushed it live. The live site has had zero activity and I’ve had zero feedback. The most I’ve heard is a constant stream of complaints because I deleted some four-years-out-of-date information about the hackerspace. It’s just content, and anyone can write content, so fucking write it.

I hate the site. I’m sure I’ve said this before both online and off-. It’s the unholy combination of iOS and (J.J. Abrams’) Star Trek aesthetic. White, and electric blue. Hamburger menu. Web two-point-fucking-oh icons. It’s my own work, of my own doing, without any outside input, and so I have nobody else to share the blame.

I have a job interview on Thursday to study for, and then guests visiting from Friday through Sunday. After that, I’ll use my free time to rebuild that awful site once again.

Makeout Point

Makeout Point, menu closed

Thank my housemate Alanna for this theme. Alanna has wanted to blog for a while, but Alanna has also wanted to procrastinate and play video games in her free time. :) She hopes that because she asked for a unique theme for her site, and drove me to build it, she might be more likely to blog out of a sense of responsibility to the work undertaken.

And here I am two weeks later, just about finished with Makeout Point. The theme is clean, minimal, responsive, and not half-bad compared to my earlier efforts. The theme is built for Anchor, a PHP Facebook-lite. The available functions are bare bones compared to WordPress, the upshot is that you don’t have WordPress’ cruft. Want to loop comments? Loop comments. Want to get a count of comments? Get a count of comments. There’s a really nice straightforwardness to Anchor that I’ve enjoyed working with.

The design is clean, responsive (smartphone through to desktop), fast, has a strong focus on code snippets, and makes use of burger menus for both site navigation and article comments.

Makeout Point, menu open

Anchor isn’t perfect-you can freely use a mix of both HTML and Markdown, and this leads to occasions where previously-escaped HTML and XML code snippets in <pre> tags are parsed. Whoops. It’s nice though, don’t mistake me! I’d love to work with Anchor more in future.

You can fork or pull Makeout Point from it’s GitHub repo.