Who is this rapscallion?

So what’s to say about me? I’m in love with Mariah, who’s probably the most beautiful geek in the world.


Looking at the photo, I think the moment I realised I loved her was when we talked over the remains of a meal in a casino in Laughlin, Nevada. The topic turned to Dune and in perfect seriousness we talked about the Bene Gesserit breeding program and how it was people that mattered in the books. I walked away dazed, in love and wanting to steal her away.

May I present The Foetus?

Belly, the third

I hope to be in America for the birth in August and I hope even more that my visa application will be processed so I can go and live with her. In a big sunny house somewhere away from Las Vegas.

And past my ghanima, I am a geek of everything and nothing. Linux, photography, space, comics, little cutsie toys and everything within and without.

At Fremont Street

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