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The garden of the moon

Claddagh beach at sunset

I took the first photo at Claddagh beach at sunset today. I am sure you’ve all seen photos like this, the waves washing up over the beach at sunset, and I wanted to try the same. Unfortunately my ND filters are 52mm, so they only fit only my f/2.8 28mm lens. This isn’t ideal when you want to capture wide angle on a cropped sensor. And I forgot my polarizer, which is good for one stop in a pinch.

Still. I went, I shot, I captured. The composition and feel of the full photo wasn’t what I had hoped for, so I cropped it down. I think know what I need to do now, and I want to get back to the beach before dawn tomorrow. We’ve had decent clear/foggy weather.

The garden of the moon I

Then last night, I went out with Mike. It was a gorgeous winter night, still and clear with a full moon overhead. While we had originally wanted to shoot at Spiddal, we found the sky too bright, so we went further out to Rossaveal. The tide was at a spring low, it was pitch black, and the rocks were too treacherous for us to get close to the water, so we shot the rock bed instead:

The garden of the moon II
The garden of the moon III

2 comments on 'The garden of the moon':
  • Danny

    February 4, 2007 at 00:50

    Holy mother, that was definitely worth your while Mark. Fantastic stuff. Oh! to be beside the sea ;-(

  • Mark

    February 5, 2007 at 22:34

    The sea is damp and windy at this time of year. For sure, it’s not all that enjoyable.

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