Garden of the Moon and other photos

Plz dun sue me, Mr. Erikson, I think your books are awesome :[

Definately not my usual crop

I took this at Claddagh beach at sunset today – I’m sure you’ve all seen photos like this, which was the kind of picture I was hoping to replicate.

Unfortunately for me, my ND filters are 52mm diamater, which means they only fit my f/2.8 28mm lens, which by all accounts is a portrait lens. And I managed to leave my polariser for it at home.

Still, I managed to walk away with this. The whole photo didn’t really work, so I cropped it down to what you see here – I know what I need to do now, so I hope to get back to the beach before dawn in the morning. The weather is right for this and lying in until midday will just screw my sleeping pattern again. I incidently worked my usual photoshop hijinks, mostly (of all things) to even out the colour a little. The whole original photo had a beautiful rose tint that Lightroom thought I should conver to blue.

Anyways, I was out with Mike last night – I’ve waxed lyrical about it already, but it was just one of those rare nights where there’s a full moon and a clear, still sky. ‘Twas beautiful. I originally wanted to go to the pier in Spiddal, but we wound up going further out, very near to Rossaveal in fact, to a beach whose name I didn’t get. Alas that the tide was way, way out, as the rocks were too treacherous by far to really draw nigh unto the water.

I still got utterly fantastic photos, start with a (see the please don’t sue me disclaimer) photo I can only honestly call garden of the moon:

Garden of the Moon

I love this photo.

On the other hand, it really is a painful process to get a good nighttime exposure, as it’s trial and error the whole way. Mayhap I will improve some day.

The Moonpool


And now to bed, there’s a wonderfully thick fog out and I plan to be up at 7 to be back at the beach for dawn. :|



Commented Sunday February 4, 2007 at 00:50

Holy mother, that was definitely worth your while Mark. Fantastic stuff. Oh! to be beside the sea ;-(


Commented Monday February 5, 2007 at 22:34

The sea is damp and windy at this time of year. For sure, it’s not all that enjoyable.

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