Respect for NASA: +1

After I rediscovered one of my favourite space vistas in digital form a few weeks ago, I made the decision to do something that I have procrastinated over for several years: Dip into the archive of raw files from Voyager and see if I had the ability to (re)construct scenes from the images myself. I consider myself a decent hand with digital imaging software tools, and certainly a more-than-decent hand when working with stitched panoramic scenes.

After I acquired the master images from the relevant day (March 3, 1979), I didn’t do a whole lot until tonight…and after three hours of loading and aligning these images by hand in Adobe Photoshop in an attempt to get a basic “feel” for the work ahead of me, my respect for those wonderful people in space probe imaging teams has palpably increased from its existing high.

If anyone should read this who has had experience with handling space probe files, could you please email me? I have questions.

Europa against Jupiter

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