1. It wasn’t a dressing down. I spent the weekend mentally bracing myself for just this.
  2. The biggest thing that came across in the interview meeting was concern that I am not falling behind.
  3. The complaint about attendance came from my programming lecturer.
  4. We had a good chat about being back in school and my interests, previous experience and know-how.
  5. I defied all of the helpful coaching I received from classmates, and came right out with the fact I’m bored with the slow pace. If I don’t perceive myself learning anything worthwhile (or even doing something interesting) in X class, it becomes less of a priority to get in for it.
  6. It was very amiable.
  7. I had programming immediately after the meeting. I scored 100% in our last project. Win.
  8. I had a another good chat with my programming lecturer about being generally ahead of the class and maybe taking on some extra work. He bid me to be patient.

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