Game over, man! Game over!

So I guess that all my work here, here and here has paid off, because according to the Arena Junkies Arena Title Calculator I’m in line for titles from Season 9 (Ruin battlegroup). Hello and hello Challenger (top 35%) and Rival (top 10%).

(Let’s get the obligatory subtext that none of this is any kind of actual, productive lifetime experience out of the way, okay? Yes yes, my arena play doesn’t constitute any kind of productive lifetime experience, but sure, it will be swell to hand down my son Garrett’s ass in shooter games a decade from now. /subtext)

Let’s give Masserah and her 2’s team a gander, shall we? big meech has fluctuated up and down the ladder by about a hundred and fifty places either way, but we’ve consistently ranked in the top two thousand teams – my team is currently ranked 1,900 out of of approximately 27,832 active teams on the Ruin battlegroup. Let’s do the math (it’s time for mathematics):


So I finished in the top 6.8266743% of players (or to round in my favour, the top 6% of players). This isn’t bad. It was my:

  1. First season playing arena.
  2. First year getting seriously involved in PVP combat (obligatory shoutout to my guild, Triumphant!).
  3. First time healing.
  4. And my first year playing a Shaman.

A lot of firsts, there. I could have ranked even higher, but the arrival of Mariah and the kids seriously impugned upon my game time toward the end of the season. Curse you guys. It also doesn’t help me much that Opm, my usual arena partner, lives, works and played on a schedule that’s the complete opposite of mine. Blah. Oh well.

I learned a lot in the season (in both battlegrounds and arenas) about being a good healer under intense pressure, lessons that I don’t think high-end PVE raiding could teach me. It’s pretty fucking trivial to heal your partner when you don’t have a melee cleave team stuck to your ass, most of your spells aren’t locked out and you’re are not at one-half health…and falling.

I learned stuff. Out of the 27k teams above, a full 50% are shits-and-giggles-for-points-only teams. I’m not boasting by saying that other than one or two freak games where I lost, I typically crapped all over these guys. These are PVE guys going into the arena for quick access to epic weapons, real-life friends dabbling and real-life friends who dabbled and got burnt.

Of the remaining 50%, the other 50% (~7k) teams got some good wins in, want to improve, but can’t seem to break past 1k rating due to bad gear, skill, keyboard setup or comp. These are serous players, but for whatever reason they aren’t going to get higher.

Past about 1700 rating you start to hit serious teams who want to compete. The read guides, watch videos, carefully curate their keyboard shortcuts and generally Know How to Play. After this point the skill curve rises drastically (from my point of view) into the relative stratosphere of the elite 2k+ teams. Tough comps with seasoned players.

If I had more time toward the end of the season I just know that Opm (or Grant or Valacia, cough cough) and I could have easily broken the 2k ceiling and made a good try at 2.2k, although my not-bad-but-not-great setup and my familiarity with it just wasn’t there. I had consistent problems with targeting and getting the correct spell off, especially when I was under strong pressure. I tend to blow my mana pool early in the fight and use up my two big cooldowns (Nature’s Swiftness and Spirit Link Totem) way too soon. But fuck it, top 6% yeah!

Looking forward…
I did my own share of rated and random battlegrounds in Season 9. I walked away with a respectable 1700 rated…rating, and the respect of my guild for being their top healer and an all-round swell guy. With the changes to the conquest cap in the coming Season 10, I’m out of the (PVP) game until almost November. With a move, family and school I just won’t have the availability to play rated battlegrounds. Ah well.


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5 comments on 'Blood and glory!':
  • Xzain

    June 29, 2011 at 03:32

    Yep, a fun one it was. Just bummed I got too busy to hit my rating. Gearing for next season.

  • Mark

    June 29, 2011 at 11:26

    Ditto. Roll a DK or Warrior and I’ll do 2’s until 2.2k. Just need to fix my keyboard before we do it.

    Hell this is the best time: I’m levelling up a second resto shaman right now; I can hang around at level 25 until I know what you decide. :D

  • Xzain

    June 30, 2011 at 23:17

    I have a 85 Frost DK

  • Mark

    June 30, 2011 at 23:26

    This sounds like the start of something beautiful. Downside is that I won’t have any capacity to serious play 2’s until ~October.

  • Xzain

    July 2, 2011 at 03:13

    yeah. just saw that awful cap forcing us to play rated bg’s…..

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