Cliffony photowalk of furious thunder: The routes

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Bhalash Sr. and Jr.


Three huzzahs to Darren for running Caira and I around the the Dartry Mountains last night! The scramble up [[Benbulben]] almost did it in for my poor cheap shoes, but the view out south across Sligo and into Co. Mayo was definitely worth it. We visited/drove by a few spots, but it was the visit to the Gleniff Horseshoe down in the shade of Truskmore that sold me. It fit my criteria:

  • It is car-accessible.
  • There is parking available.
  • There is spectacular local scenery adjacent.
  • It is within a fifteen minute drive of my house in Cliffony.
  • There are a mix of attractions: Ruins, forest, mountains and sweet, beautiful sheep.

The geocode for the cirque is 54.370878,-8.41551.


The night time walk is going to be a much simpler beast: We’re going to walk a few hundred metres down the road from my house and then take a boreen (here) to the beach. What we do there depends on what exactly the weather will be like, but timelapse, star and night time (there’ll be a full moon) landscape photography and light painting are all perfectly acceptable.

Please bring strong footwear and warm clothes. Dress for comfort in the dark and cold. A flashlight is recommended.

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