Garret’s second birthday

by Mark on

(The images were all culled from my Instagram feed. Hint, nudge, wink wink.)

Garrett turned two last Thursday, although we deferred his party until Saturday so my family could come up to Galway to eat our food and use our wate…join in to the joyous celebrations of my son’s birth. And yeah, I had school during the week too.

It was a fun day. While Mariah and Caira helped Artyeva and her husband to put up a fence in our yard, I took off for a drive around Sligo, Letrim (“Drive faster…I can hear banjos!”) and Donegal with my family. We visited Mullaghmore for light refreshment, rounded Mullaghmore head, took back roads up to Bundoran and then ran down to Grange for pizza. Photography ensued:

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