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I gave the mailing list and blog personal alone time with the poster. Feedback has been excellent. I reused the template from the Realist Mermaid poster because it seemed to fit exactly what I wanted, without me having to go out and reinvent the bloody wheel from scratch.

I really went out of my way to avoid the h-word when I made this. Even if 091 Labs is a hackerspace, and all of its resident inmates (yeah, me to, although what I actually hack is somewhat nebulous) are self-described hackers, the h-word still has some very negative connotations in the mind of a layperson (“Hacker? Stay the bloody hell away from my bank account!”).

The Latin at the bottom, nihil perpetuum durat, nec commodo magna. Omne sit amet erat, approximately translates to:

Nothing lasts forever, not even the best machines. And everything can be used again.

The saying can be attributed to either a book about Hephaestus, or Hephaetus himself (same difference). I found it trolling Google. It seems very apt, and part of a deliberate link I want to forge between the Greek god of Technology, and tinkerers with technology today.

(…and yes, I know. If I wanted to use a Latin quote then I should properly credit the Roman god Vulcan, and not Hephaestus. I think I can live with that blight on my soul.)

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