The old Galway waterworks

I paid a visit to them on Saturday evening, but the light was shit, frankly. Way too bright and flat for any kind of interesting shooting. If we get a dull overcast or bright sunny light tomorrow I’ll go back and shoot more.

The works were honestly fascinating for all of that, with many interesting old and battered things to photograph and gawk over. There was a row of wonderful old and rusted tanks to one side of the building, that made for great photos:

Not the first thing you expect to find..

Just a bit rusty…

There’s more on my Flickr.

16 days. I can’t believe it. It’s not just that 210 days of waiting will be over. It’s also a whole new dammed chapter in my life and I’m in turns terrified and excited by it. Will I turn out like dad? Will I go above and beyond?

I tell myself there’s no point in worrying, that I’ve made my choices and I will see them through to the end. They worrying part of me scoffs and raises another point. I smack myself in the head at this point.

Ah well. Want all, lose all.

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