Solo Photo Book Month, Day 1: Five minutes in my head.

Inside my head

Tomo will be awesome. Beautiful photo. Damn dog won’t stop whining. We’ve fed him. My head hurts. Crap song, put on some country. Ooh, Google for leaks! Shit, dishes. I’m going to strangle the dog. He’s outside, what more does he want?! Possibly plausible, although the aesthetics don’t feel right. Too elaborate. Is this working? Dishes! Shit! God, rock. Something lighter. Better. Did I finish the spreadsheet for the meeting? Yes. lol. Losing. Dammit, new game! Be good, Merry. …and the Ibuprofen kicks in. Much better. Stand here beside me in the crumbling hall. Meow to you too, Scout. Dammit Bailey, don’t drink all the water. Hope Caira’s asleep. One photo a day? lol, a blog post a day? I give it a week. Bald face feels good, I look strange though. Uhm. Class.

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