Adventures of a B&W film photographer

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AKS: This is why I sometimes hate Galway.

I canvassed Galway City’s developers and otherwise renowned photographic centers with the following question: “Would you be able to develop this roll of film to just a negative and then supply the images on CD? I don’t need prints.”

Developer #1
Well, no, sorry. We don’t develop film here. There’s a poster in the window? Oh, well I guess we should take that down. You might try Developer #2 down the street.

Developer #2
Hmm. Black and white? That isn’t good at all. Nobody shoots with black and white film anymore. I mean. You need certain chemicals. They’re too expensive to stock ‘just in case’ and…well I mean nobody uses black and white at all. Haven’t in years.

Developer #3
That’s really black and white? Wow. Well, no we can’t do that. If you wanted colour developed as black and white, we could do that.

Developer #4
We can do it for you, but it’ll be five working days, and you’ll have to purchase a set of prints with the order. No, it isn’t included. You have to buy an extra set of prints. Says so right here.

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