I have remarkably photosensitive eyes

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Shop Street, Galway
St. Nicolas' Church, Galway

I got my eyes tested today at Specsavers, and became intimately reacquainted with the searing agony that comes of having strobes flashed in my eyes.

Wile I have yesterday’s and today’s images ready to upload, I am not in the least bit inclined to sit in front of a bright monitor for several hours while my eyes send fiery hot bolts of pain into my brain. Instead I am asking you, the Twitterati and Facebookers who read my site. Process my images for me.

If you win, I will use your version here on my site. I will totally and completely pimp you and your site in the post and pimp you wherever this photograph may be used. To the victor, glory.

The rules:

  1. The results must be posted on this Boards.ie forum post.
  2. While you are permitted to crop the image’s aspect ratio and create a smaller copy for sharing on the internet, you must not in any way shrink the master image. This is for archival purposes.
  3. Winner is by acclamation of the Boards.ie forum poster. Simply put, the most “likes” wins.

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  • Mark

    Wednesday May 12, 2010 at 10:52

    Maybe I should have given more warning, but my eyes didn’t precisely give me any. :[

  • aafke

    Wednesday May 12, 2010 at 10:00

    i just gather that the two images i noticed on dan king’s, yarrumk’s and keithjack’s pixie pages are actually your shots…processed by them. am i right in that? although i think it’s a nice competition/idea, it is also very confusing

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