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A huge shoutout to Mike for putting me onto 091 Labs.

091 Labs are a just-founded Galway City-based hackerspace, a hackerspace being an area where like-minded geeks can get together and do like-minded things. As I blearily look around me I see two Linux geeks off to my left and another uhm, three behind me, even though by all rights I should be in bed sick and asleep. Because my niece, you see, is a walking germ-factory. I have something between a cold and a flu that’s spend a goodly part of the last three days trying to mercilessly floor me. I hate kids, you know? They spread germs and wickedness and (in the case of girl-children) freaking cooties too.

Little wee feckers.

At Mike’s prompting I came along to a meeting of 091 Labs tonight and was actually surprisingly pleased by the company present. Geeks, geeks, geeks! Please (please? :) don’t none of you photographers flame me for this, but we are a very competitive bunch. There’s always a certain amount of preening involved in even the friendliest of photographer gatherings (the so-called “a new lens” factor) and in the less friendly gatherings…well, epeen. IRL epeen. I’m not disparaging any of you because I have and do do it myself, when the occasion calls for it. God knows I’ve plugged my Infrared work and know-how on more than a few occasions. So, there were geeks tonight. My hurried notes from the group meeting read, verbatim:

  • Friendly
  • Linux users
  • Lots going on
  • Watching a PSU blow out
  • 17
  • Mostly male
  • Geeks
  • Know-how

It was fun, it was great. I’m still here, actually. It’s great to get out of the house, interact with real people, and do something fun and creative. Even if the venue feels a little like a fish tank.

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