Find duplicate files in a directory

When I photographed heavily/professionally, I was rigorous in how I handled my imported raw files, and master processed (PSD/XCF) files. I was much less rigorous in how I sorted and stored my processed JPG files, to the point that I’ve found several directories with anywhere between hundreds and thousand of images, some or many of […]

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void ValentinesDay()

Color roseFlower = Color.FromArgb(246,74,138); Color violetFlower = Color.FromArgb(111,111,255); bool isSugarSweet = true; int you = 2;

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Learn to program in the Linux shell from August 19!

Linux scripting and programming courses @091labs. Four weeks, four classes, beginning August 19, 7pm. Subjects include: The fundamentals of computer programming. Installation and maintenance of a Linux system. Bash shell syntax, structures, and pipelines. Practical tasks for shell scripts. Passing data to and from binary programs. Binary shell programming with C#/Mono. Requirements: Laptop computer. Installation […]

Round down a decimal of arbitrary precision to n.

For Darren. :D using System; public class DecimalRound { static void Main(string[] args) { // args[0] is the decimal to round to. // args[1] is the decimal. int sentinel = 0; // 1. Split the number. decimalStr[0] is the leading number. string[] decimalStr = args[1].Split(‘.’); // 2. decimalStr[1] is the decimal. int[] decimalInt = new […]

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[MUD] Muddy mudness

I’ve thrown a lot of idle thoughts at the concept of the MUD project, and it keeps coming back to me that I would be literally out of my depth. I have, to date, scarcely finished one barely-working shooter, let alone delved into the intricacies of a graphical multiplayer role-playing game. I am going to […]

[XNA] Flyatron 1.0!!

You can grab the source here, and if you are so interested in trying the game then shoot me an email or leave a comment here! Changelog: General: * New game icon! * Added new font size. Game.cs: * Collected nukes now accumulate for later use (right-mouse click). * Tidied UpdatePlay(); some code was shuffled […]