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A fair portion of my supposedly study-oriented weekend was spent in the recovery of ebooks deleted in an iOS update gone wrong, and the ongoing hunt for a worthy ePub reader for my iPad. Besides my iPad, I have spent most of today (Sunday) in the company of an old friend, that most excellent of […]

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Prep version 1

For reasons-reasons other than convenience-that I would not be able to fully articulate should you choose to put a gun to my head, I store my website’s files (WordPress), database and content images separately. I guess if one’s data centre is bombed then the other two will be okay? Well, back to the convenience. I […]

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Mark the Virtual Eco Something Something

Remember the forest in Minecraft that I accidentally burned to the ground? I’m replanting it with the aid of MCEdit. Those 282 unsaved edits? Trees I planted. /conscientious

HOWTO: Time-lapse capture your Linux desktop

OR: Playing with my scrot I’ve been playing with my scrot relentlessly for the past two or three days. Literally non-stop for hours a time. I’ve even been making videos and then putting those videos on YouTube. /innuendo Scrot – SCReen shOT – is a FOSS screen capture utility that cleaves to the old Unix […]

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I have remarkably photosensitive eyes

I got my eyes tested today at Specsavers, and became intimately reacquainted with the searing agony that comes of having strobes flashed in my eyes. Wile I have yesterday’s and today’s images ready to upload, I am not in the least bit inclined to sit in front of a bright monitor for several hours while […]

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