‘Hackerraum Neue’

‘Hackerraum” or “Hacker room” seems to be the closest German has to ‘hackerspace,’ although even German hackerspaces seem to use the English ‘Hackerspace.’ Hackerraum Neue is ‘New Hacker Room.’ Fancy post title. Because.


I moved house two weeks ago. Mumble blog update. I’m out of Prospect Hill, and in with two friends, Alanna and Casey, down behind the Jes on Sea Road. I like it a lot. It’s quiet, my housemates are awesome, I’m close to Salthill (for walking), and not a single item I own reeks of […]


I’ve been quiet here. The new laptop is awesome. There are no two ways about it. I’m having a ball playing World of Warcraft and enjoying the Internet, as a whole, in a marginally-higher resolution. Oh yeah, school work. Totally. See:

in code


A new blog. A whole new look. A whole new me. The title is ah, representative of the incredible spirals of self-loathing that I can work myself into. The whole “verge of suicide” thing from May, remember? I think I am starting to overcome the cycle and see a future myself thanks to the concerted […]