August 2013

I have been slacking a little in manifest textual updates on the blog; Facebook currently has the audience of friends who care about my existence, and it is easy to just dump an update onto my wall and forget about it. Generally, I’m in good form. I’ve started to change my food intake, reduce my […]

Not self-hatred

Well my twenty-two month stint in Sligo is over and done with, and I can’t say for sure whether or not I miss it. On one hand, the city is tiny, completely lacks any amenities after six o’clock, can be compared to a ghost-filled wasteland, and is a three hour bus ride from anywhere with […]

in me

School update

I wrote code for the first time since last summer, and with coding, comes some fairly hard choices what to do with myself after the summer. I’ve burned a lot of bridges over the last year, burned them very well indeed. College, over the past year, has been a complete loss. I’ve been on time […]

And now, back to my study.

[Mark][~] # rm -Rv /cygdrive/c/World\ of\ Warcraft/ removed `/cygdrive/c/World of Warcraft/.agent.db’ removed `/cygdrive/c/World of Warcraft/.curseclient’ removed `/cygdrive/c/World of Warcraft/’ removed `/cygdrive/c/World of Warcraft/’ removed `/cygdrive/c/World of Warcraft/Cache/ADB/enUS/BattlePetAbility.adb’ removed `/cygdrive/c/World of Warcraft/Cache/ADB/enUS/BattlePetAbilityEffect.adb’ removed `/cygdrive/c/World of Warcraft/Cache/ADB/enUS/BattlePetAbilityState.adb’ removed `/cygdrive/c/World of Warcraft/Cache/ADB/enUS/BattlePetAbilityTurn.adb’ removed `/cygdrive/c/World of Warcraft/Cache/ADB/enUS/BattlePetBreedQuality.adb’ removed `/cygdrive/c/World of Warcraft/Cache/ADB/enUS/BattlePetBreedState.adb’ removed `/cygdrive/c/World of Warcraft/Cache/ADB/enUS/BattlePetEffectProperties.adb’ removed `/cygdrive/c/World of Warcraft/Cache/ADB/enUS/BattlePetNPCTeamMember.adb’ […]