Big exams #3 through to #6

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Listos version:

  1. Games Design: Winged it on the strength of a treatise on how sprites are drawn.
  2. Database Administration: I did not go. I had reasons. See below.
  3. Web Design: Oh so easy.
  4. Systems and Networking: Very easy.

Games Design:
One of the two subjects I will probably have to repeat. I hit my big depressive/anxious spell at precisely the wrong moment in the semester. I missed out on the key labs, lectures, and exercises; eventually I made the conscious decision to just fail the initial exam and repeat in August. There was simply too much catching-up needed.

However, the lure of a passing grade did draw me into the exam, and I feel like I did well with a solid explanation of how sprites are drawn on screen.

Database Administration:
Ditto Games. I have a decent smattering of SQL, but this exam was more about performing given tasks in Microsoft Access, and less about actually knowing databases or queries. Again, I made a choice to get N/G instead of some anaemic number. I’ll be repeating both Games and DB in August, like as not.

Web Design:
I had a strong showing all semester in Web, and pre-adjustment* I scored highest in the year for my web design project. The end of year exam was very, very easy, and my biggest difficulty was the UK keyboard layout (I use US at home for historical reasons).

Systems and Networking:
Another strong showing by me. The last exam was easy, focusing on practical material instead of the nightmarish theory I had been expecting. I answered one short question incorrectly, however.

Overall, not too bad. I am expecting decent grades in everything except Database and Games. I will be repeating both subject in early August.

*I was docked marks for missing the end of year presentation.

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Second Exam

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Eh. It is a bit nerve-racking when, after the first sixty minutes elapse, half of your year gets up and walks out of the exam hall. At the seventy-five minute mark three-quarters of those remaining get up and leave. I am still sitting there patiently working through some matrix problems.

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First exam

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Good: It built. It ran.
Bad: There was a bug I couldn’t fix, and instead worked around. Sloppily.
Good: It formatted nicely.
Bad: You could charitably call my formatting code “obfuscated”. Other synonyms like “Byzantine” or “Walter Bishop-esque”come to mind.
Good: Throwing a stack of copies of “Alive” in the bin is a true feel-good moment.
Bad: I am missing a bunch of features; It outputs everything, and it displays an average. I didn’t touch the search/index.
Good: There’s a bottle of whiskey on the counter at home and a copy of Diablo 3 on my hard disk. They say “there there, it will be all right”.

What’s your story?t

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