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Semester 3…begins!

My lecturers are universally saying “ERMAGHERD, ERXPERNERNTAHL KERV!” about this semester’s difficulty, but so far I am only truly frightened about mathematics. I have six streams up until December: Mathematics, Windows Programming, Web Programming, Client-side Scripting, Software Analysis, and Database Development. Out of the six, I am only really concerned about Mathematics, because fuck math. There’s a lot of genuine difficulty there in encompassing a lot of what is presented to me, and in applying it to programming. The relevance between math as taught and programming has (so far) been low. Database is starting from scratch, and actually teaching us concepts that we need to know. I already communicated in class that we (and I) didn’t learn much of anything useful in Semester 2.

Client-side scripting (JavaScript) I am really looking forward to, Web Programming is just a different application of C# than I am used to, Windows Programming doesn’t seem to be outside of anything I covered over the summer, and Software Analysis seems to be much-needed theory.

The biggest worry? Attendance. That fucked me badly last semester. I missed a month of school in February (depression) and missed important lectures in two subjects, a key presentation, and was finally docked for lack of attendance in a fourth subject. And then to compound it, I completely missed out on an entire fucking repeat exam on August 23 because I didn’t read the schedule fully. I looked at it for one thing, found it, and closed the page. Fuck.

I mostly did pretty well last year after I got settled in. I am mostly confident that if I actually turn up every day I won’t completely fuck matters up. Mostly…

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[XNA] Flyatron 1.0!!

You can grab the source here, and if you are so interested in trying the game then shoot me an email or leave a comment here! Changelog: General: * New game icon! * Added new font size. Game.cs: * Collected nukes now accumulate for later use (right-mouse click). * Tidied UpdatePlay(); some code was shuffled […]

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[XNA] Flyatron…works!

Check out Flyatron on Github! Gameplay is barebones (you move, you shoot, you die), and buggy, but it runs. Current issues: Owing to the order in which mines despawn after detonating, bullets following the first bullet will despawn until the explosion animation concludes. Ordering, again: If the player hits a mine at their spawn point […]