I really, really, really, really, really miss you and Charon. You two were the most awesome cats.

Lucy and Charon

Father’s Day 2012

Taken by Elizabeth Clanton on Sunday June 12, 2012. I found the gallery buried on her Facebook wall. I choked up, and almost cried some very happy as these are almost the only photographs of Caira, Garrett and I together, because I chronically hide behind the camera. I’ve rearranged the photos into roughly chronological order.


Garrett hands me a card
Caira shows me how to use the blanket
I unfold the blanket
Garrett hides under my blanket
I bear hug Caira
I show off Caira's Father's Day card
Caira at breakfast
Caira, Garrett and I at breakfast


Caira lead the charge into town
Caira at the bus stop in Cliffoney
Garrett and I by the bus stop in Cliffoney
Garrett checks out a garden light
Garrett looks mad
Garrett and I on our way back to the house
Garrett and I on our way back to the house

In the garden

Lucy and I relax outside
I swing Garrett in a basket
I swing Garrett in a basket
I swing Garrett in a basket

These next photographs were in the same gallery, and while they aren’t of Father’s Day, they are pretty good photographs of the view from my kitchen in Cliffoney, if I ever feel the need to brag about it:

The view down to the beach from the house
The view from the house across Donegal Bay to Slieve League
Classiebawn Castle at Mullaghmore Mullaghmore houses

Building up mental inertia

I’ve sunk myself into virtual worlds and escapist fantasies since last September. There was World of Warcraft (a lot of it), fantasy, novels, and the Internet as a whole to run off into while I had my breakdown. It was great. Brilliant. I need to stop now, and get back in line with the real world.

My WoW subscription runs out today, and I’m going to let it lie for a while. I’m back in Galway for a few days, to get some design and coding work done on Bigworldia. I might even have found a place to stay down here for the summer. Yay. Tomorrow I go to the doctor’s office and apply to change my G.P. to our family doctor. Something something Mark something something happy pills.


The last year of college is a complete writeoff; I never went in, I didn’t sit any exams, and I barely even read any of the emails the campus and lecturers sent out. I in no way believe I am going to able to sit any repeat examination come July and August. I am instead just going to go repeat the year in September.

I’ve still had no contact with the children, or with Mariah, since she refused me access to them. It it something I have the means to fight, so I’ve made the choice to let it all go for now. Pack up the photographs, put them away, let it lie, and hope that one or the other decides to contact me when they’re older. I can’t get a divorce in Ireland until August 2017, which I plan to do the moment that month rolls around.

Bigworldia, as it stands, is now running in Monogame, on Linux. XNA was killed off by Microsoft, but Monogame has an active and passionate development community. I’m going to roll with this for the summer and see where I go. :D