Sexy new UI

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Still needs work; I’m 90% there. My biggest problem has been training myself to look at the correct parts of the GUI for information. There’s more information presented than in the old GUI, if I but look. There is one area of duplication: Debuffs on me. I kept dying because I didn’t really look at the player base, so I stuck in more information.


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The Bloodthirsty

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Shanista, the Bloodthirsty

If I allowed myself to keep alcohol in the house, I would now take out the bottle. I’d set the bottle and a glass on the table, measure out a bleak finger, and down it.

So. I’ve done it. The last of the big four PVP achievements, alongside Battlemaster, Khan and Conqueror. I feel hollow and drained. I poured my time and energy into this one goal all through the year I was sick. This is what still claimed my free time after I got better. I murdered people. I pissed out my hate and rage onto anonymous virtual avatars day and night and day again until I got the biggest prize for it.

It’s a beautiful sunny day outside, and I think I will go for a walk. Big kudos to The Bloodthirsty for the premades.


Total time played: 207 days, 16 hours, 6 minutes, 5 seconds
Total time played: 46 days, 16 hours, 2 minutes, 23 seconds
Total time played: 39 days, 16 hours, 43 minutes, 46 seconds
Total time played: 4 days, 3 hours, 10 minutes, 26 seconds

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I think I have the hang of Warlocking (again)

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Shanista in Arathi Basin

As of writing, Shanishta’s gear is bad-there are still a bunch of Timeless pieces, and Prideful/Grievous pieces missing enchants-but I have an idea of how it can be played now. I played a lock for two or three years back in vanilla, but a look at the screenshots tells me that I hadn’t a fucking clue what I was at. I vacillated between Demonology and Affliction, and a look at my spell bars in the screenshots makes me think that I was Demonology. I recall that Destruction was bad, and I was partial to BIG STOMPING DEMONS with which to crush people.

Oh my, how it’s changed. Sit back-stand way in the rear, in fact, keep up my Immolates, spam incinerate, and pop everything when I can Chaos Bolt. Watch enemy healths like a hawk, and spam Shadowburn when they drop low enough.

In most games, I (and we as a team) are shit on hard, but in a few I get to return the favour tenfold. It was hilarious that I got Wrecking Ball inside of a week of seriously playing this character again, to go alongside Masserah and Galishavi’s.

Wrecking Ball doesn’t indicate much beyond favourable circumstances to get a lot of kills, but to me it is the milestone where I “get” the class. I can join a battleground and succeed. Much done, more to go.

So I get Destruction now, at least. My next step is Affliction.

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