Add Ubuntu power options to the Openbox menu

I have no idea how I managed six fucking years going to the console in order to do this. Edit (as root), /etc/sudoers/ and add the following three lines:

YOUR_USERNAME ALL = NOPASSWD: /usr/sbin/pm-suspend

Then call a given command as normal with sudo reboot/poweroff/pm-suspend. Like, fuck, I feel dumb. Grumble. Add these entries to $HOME/.config/openbox/menu.xml:

<item label="Suspend">
    <action name="Execute">
        <execute>sudo pm-suspend</execute>
<item label="Restart">
    <action name="Execute">
        <execute>sudo reboot</execute>
<item label="Poweroff">
    <action name="Execute">
        <execute>sudo poweroff</execute>
<item label="Exit">
    <action name="Exit"/>

Neighborhood tuxedos

They’ve proven to be remarkably friendly cats: both have let me pick them up and sit them in my lap, which is good because they have filthy ears that need to be cleaned. I am not a crazy cat lady. Shut up.

Tuxedo #1
Tuxedo #2
Tuxedos #1 and #2


I wrote, referenced, proofed, and then threw out a two thousand word rant on how and why Mark Sucks Donkey Balls. Matters currently boil down to:

  • The sensation of marginalization because I’ve lost, or otherwise fallen out of touch with some of my old friends. While I can cite you valid reasons for this (such as my multi-week silences and our busy lives with careers and children), it is difficult to not wholly blame myself.
  • The eternal disconsolation because my children continue to have happy lives without me, and the perverse circle I’m stuck in: What news I hear doesn’t make me happy, and when I’m unhappy I want news.
  • Impostor syndrome-I am so comfortable in the habit of self-dismissal that it makes me uncomfortable to hear any words of praise from family, friends, or even ostensibly-neutral strangers about How Smart Mark Is:
    • My good friend Holly’s lauded the fact that I’m still alive.
    • My sister-in-law Marissa surprised me today with a compliment about how good I used to be with the children in the face of her sister’s craziness.
    • People from the hackerspace and elsewhere all call me intelligent by virtue of merit alone.
    • Even if I’ve let it lie this season, I am still one of the top-ranked enhancement shaman in my region.

The idea of cognitive dissonance looms large for me, as you might’ve guessed from the above. There are several neat double binds that I cannot consciously reconcile. My reflexive response is to seek a place where I am at my least unhappy, through means such as gradually winding down real-life contacts that aren’t work related, quietly ignoring friends on social networks, and attempts to schedule my hours so as to avoid my housemates, and finally bury my head so deeply in a virtual online world (or work) that there aren’t any things from the real world which can reach me.

And here I am now. TL;DR: People were so nice to me that I had to run away, stress out for a week, and finally have a good sulk about it

I am. Are you?

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