Operation: Break the Site

The website’s appearance has bugged me badly over the past six months. I threw it together in my first fumblings with WordPress, and the sheer amount of things I have learned since on the topics of HTMl, CSS, PHP, UX and usability, Sass and JavaScript has made the site an ever-sharper embarrassment. Frankly, it looks […]

I missed January

Well fuck, I missed a whole month. Long story short, I’ve been busy in real life and my iPhone is in pieces in my desk drawer. Back in August or September I dropped my phone into the toilet after a night drinking with Alanna and Casey. The dock module was fried and battery capacity seemed […]

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Center and size an absolutely positioned box with percentages only

I feel like I have been screwed over with lightheadedness lately, so let’s see if I can churn out something useful. There are times when you have to absolutely position a child element, and there are subset of those cases where the child has to be positioned absolutely in the center of the parent. The […]

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Dawn Mark and angry birds

These were taken on the morning of the attack robin. I have been slovenly about getting them up.

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