512,261 reasons Shaman are fun in PVP

Your Stormblast hit Nockani-Area52 149403 Nature.
Your Stormblast Off-Hand hit Nockani-Area52 61074 Nature.
Your Wind Lash hit Nockani-Area52 36045 Nature.
Your Flametongue Attack hit Nockani-Area52 7684 Fire.
Your Lightning Shield hit Nockani-Area52 10333 Nature.
You killed Nockani-Area52.
Your Elemental Blast hit Nockani-Area52 123371 Elemental. (123721 Overkill) (Critical)

Two Global Cooldowns (GCDs).

Fun little minecraft seed


Use it with Amplified. You’ll start off on the top of a single very tall mountain in the middle of the ocean, which presents an interesting conundrum-you have a lot of land available to work on, but it is all in a vertical stack.

Minecraft tower seed