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Today I clicked into a mainstream news website which had an autoplaying video frame. The autoplaying video wanted me to watch an autoplaying video advertisement before it’d show me the autoplaying video.

There are men and women on this green Earth, brothers and sisters, who deserve to be taken outside and whipped with a chain, no two ways about it.

The Secret Life of Crows

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Ricky Whelan (@rickywhelan) of Birdwatch Ireland hosted “The Secret Life of Crows” last night at the Botanic Gardens in Glasnevin. The lecture capped off my gorgeous Autumn evening walk across from the office after work. While in the line I struck up a conversation from a retired New Zealander couple who are out to cycle around the world. They’ve already completed the US/Canadian west coasts and midwest, did a loop of Ireland, and plan to return to the US for more legs soon. That’s one hell of a retirement.

Mr. Whelan hosted a fantastic lecture which he packed full of anecdotes and fun details about crows and ravens-corvids! He left me ravenous for information on the topic. Others crowed for more.

Full Lecture Hall at the Botanic Gardens

Six Sunny Sunset Skies

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Taken around Taylor’s Lane, Prospect Avenue and Smithfield this evening.

Sunset Rooftops in Dublin
Sunset Rooftops in Dublin
Sunset Rooftops in Dublin
Sunset Rooftops in Dublin
Sunset Rooftops in Dublin
Sunset Rooftops in Dublin


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Garrett on his eighth birthday

Gar looks so like me sometimes. <3 I hung out with Mariah, Caira and the rest of them on Friday for about thirty minutes. In the middle of dinner at Denny’s. It was fun!

instasort 4.0.1

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One bad programmer habit of mines is that I tend to duck type when there isn’t a strict need. I ask whether the object doesn’t fit conditions, or evaluate it against some rules, at times when I have the ability to check its actual type. I thusly duck typed images in the previous version of my instasort shell script when I asked: is the image square? Instagram images are square, therefore a square image is an Instagram image.

i r logic

My assumptions led to a whole bunch of false positives in results, because Instagram images are no longer square, and sometimes I take square images anyhow. I poked into the problem this morning and discovered I could test the exif:Software key:

# Was File Created by Instagram?
# @example
#   exif:Software: Instagram
#   exif:Software: Layout from Instagram
#   exif:Software: 10.3.1
# Files created by Instagram will be marked so in EXIF. I downcase the exif:software
# value and test it against 'instagram'.

function is_instagram {
    local SOFTWARE=$(identify -format '%[exif:software]' $1)
    [[ ${SOFTWARE:l} =~ 'instagram' ]]
    echo $?

So there you have it: assumptions are bad. You can find the less-assuming version of instasort here on GitHub.

Double Rainbow over School Street, Dublin

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Double rainbow in Dublin 8