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The hard life of a vim multitasker

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No respite.

Everywhere, vim

The grimmest grim view that ever grimmed a grim

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Taken from the shore at Blackrock.

Looking toward Poolbeg from Blackrock

Clearly a sushi lover

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Cookie tries sushi

Rails 5 join table naming conventions

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This is a stupid fucking thing, akin to Googling basic syntax for your language, but here we are. My underling and I wasted 40 minutes today re-figuring this out.


class PluralSingular < ActiveRecord::Migration[5.0]
  create_join_table :plural, :plural



class Foo < ApplicationRecord
  has_many :plural_singular
  has_many :plural, through: :plural_singular

Join model:


class PluralSingular < ApplicationRecord
  belongs_to :foo
  belongs_to :bar

Winter tree, winter sky

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Taken at Blackrock Park.

Winter tree, winter sky at Blackrock Park

You can’t go home again

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Time’s an arrow, one way, here to there, that you can’t turn back. Because that’d be nonsensical, to undo what makes you, you.

Scanned family photograph from the early 1980's
Scanned family photograph from the early 1980's