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Ninety Degrees Separated

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Taken at Usher’s, Dublin on February 8.

Apartments ninety degrees separated in Usher's, Dublin


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As I said last night on Instagram, I can’t get over how much my face has changed through my weight loss.

Fat Mark, thin Mark

Big Data

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Go running and healthy eating! I’m under 70kg for the first time since I turned 25.

Weight loss graphed in spreadsheet

10k: Done!

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More man than man. ᕙ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ᕗ My goals are to increase my 5k pace, and boost my stamina on 10k runs, both for the Road and Road 10k in Kinvara in March. I have every confidence in myself that I’ll succeed and complete the Road and Road event and reach my intermediate goals.

Salthill promenade on a sunny afternoon
FitBit map of running route
Sweaty bare feet after my run

Woodquay at Sunset

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We get the best and worst of weathers in a Galway winter.

Woodquay and Galway's cathedral at sunset

Wet Run

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Storm Eleanor has left the power out in places and half of Galway underwater from the tidal surge.

Okay, so my pace despite the weather-I had the wind against me the entire way, and it rained twice-makes me happy, because it continues to be on a downward slope. Sorry for the graph. It’s the result of one button click in Google Docs, and by Christ it betrays its origins. While I see many miles and months ahead to get my pace down and the weight off, I’ve already lost a kilo and cut my pace in four weeks. That accomplishment feels fantastic.

The run was glorious. I laughed and shouted at the downpour. What a joy it is to run!

Wet feet after a run
Morning run route