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August Skies

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Sunset-lit clouds over Harold's Cross, Dublin
Rainc clouds over the Irish Sea, seen from Howth

I’ve seen mountains and deserts and lakes and forests and ice caps and snow, but nothing in this world soothes my heart like the sea breeze, the cry of gulls and clouds hung low o’er the horizon.

Race Report: DLR Bay 10k 2018

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  • Time: 00:47:24
  • Distance: 10.00km
  • Pace: 00:04:39/km
  • Finished: 223/1229 (18/100 normalised)
Anxious pre-race face
Myself with my medal after the run
Running route and timing per Fitbit

Dublin Bay Cloudscape

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Although the sky around the sun got blown out to fuck, I’m really happy with this spectacular cloudscape from over Dublin Bay.

Dublin Bay cloudscape from Howth

Going to work in the Baily Lighthouse has become a high point in my career. Every day something about the job lifts me up, like on Friday when we spotted a porpoise on the way down the hill to the office, or later in the morning when my boss spotted two otters playing right outside our canteen window. Coffee and otters cannot be beaten. Even beside that the views are magnificent in every direction, in every weather.

The Kitties of Harold’s Cross

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Lookit the lil whiskers!

Doorway kitty receiving scratches
Doorway kitty receiving scratches


Coffee is Good

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Currently writing a client < => server HTTP service and added some test code along the lines of “When the application starts, please GET a list of all records from the server. After you receive them DELETE the first item in the list.”

Promptly forgot about it.

Why ever, I wondered ten minutes later, does the server spew 404 and RECORD NOT FOUND errors at me when I try to get the recor-oh.

Set Zsh Tab Title Automatically Based on Folder

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Pre-determined tab titles

My current task at work sees me rewriting an old application from scratch. A good part of this involves me going back and forth between the old and new project folders-call them “wigwam” and “spaklepony”-to compare code. This can be difficult to keep straight in tabs as a terminal user.

A quick walk of Stack Overflow and the ZSH chpwd hook led me to a two-step solution:

  1. Add hook function to set tab title.
  2. Add chpwd hook to evaluate folder name on shell initialisation and subsequent cd calls.

Set Window Title

# set-window-title 'Neenaw weewoo'
function set-window-title {
  echo -ne "\e]0;${1}\a"

Set Title on cd

function -set-project-folder-title {
    if [[ $PWD =~ "Projects/sparklepony" ]]; then
        set-window-title 'Sparklepony'
    elif [[ $PWD =~ "Projects/wigwam" ]]; then
        set-window-title 'Wigwam'
        set-window-title $(basename $PWD)

chpwd_functions=(${chpwd_functions[@]} "-set-project-folder-title")