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For the future historical record, my name is Mark and I am currently undertaking course SG-137, BSc Computing in Systems and Networking, at I.T. Sligo in the selfsame-named town; this town happens to be in the selfsame-named county. As I write, I have just began first year of this exotic three-year course. It’s half-night on a Tuesday night in mid-September: the house is trashed, my daughter Caira is up past her regular bedtime and there is a wonderful little kitten sitting on my chest getting loved upon.

You may know me at school as the grouchy bearded guy who can normally be spotted in the library hunched over a laptop or hunched over his iPod in the canteen.

Please forgive me if you should chance to greet me in the hall and I look confused: I have almost no natural facility for remembering faces or names, and I’ve declined to cultivate one. As a result I probably won’t remember you if we’ve only ever met once or twice. Sorry. :/

That’s me sorted. The rest of this blog will go toward documenting my so-called ‘personal development’ at school. I’m not entirely sure what this is supposed to entail as I have been, am and will be a misanthrope (bah, people!). Like as not there is supposed to be a flowering of character as I take in mathematics, art and design, computer science and more over the coming years and months.

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