Just had my first design class

It is Introduction to Digital Media Design with Colm Davey. The course is structured as a gentle introduction to Adobe Photoshop, design principles and (I think?) critical art assessment. The course isn’t intended to be at all in-depth for Systems people. Instead we’re just there to get a feel for what is involved in designing a logo and performing digital correction of an image.

The level of the course is way, way below my actual skill level. I performed our given task in forty-five seconds and spent the next hour pissing about on the Internet and doing some research for the coming October photowalk. Colm eventually swung by workstation and I discussed my situation to him. I explained my past experience, (rough) level of skill and willingness to continue with the class even when offered an exemption. I offered up the following reasons for this:

  1. I might just pick up something new. This is the entire reason I am here in I.T. Sligo, and I am loathe to give up even one opportunity to learn.
  2. I am happy to help my other classmates with this as I know just how hard Photoshop and digital imaging can be to get to grips with when you’ve never before worked with either.
  3. Honestly, I want the workstation access. These are powerful machines, and I have several projects that I’ve had to put off due to lack of computer resources.

This is all a very queer experience: I never once imagined that I might be in the least bit overqualified for any I.T. Sligo class, but this is just my self-esteem talking.

Mark Grealish

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