I’m a magnet for weird people

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And the bit that gets me is that no matter how absurd or convoluted their fantasies are, they take it with absolute and utter seriousness. When a man walks up to me randomly and earnestly starts trying to argue with me that he saw me somewhere I wasn’t taking photos I didn’t…and then steps backwards to prove a point – onto the road – and misses being run over by inches, I tend to take you seriously. It doesn’t mean I’m going to do anything but tell you where to go at the first opportune moment, but sure, I’ll take you seriously.

Like the guy who threw at punch at me, offended that I won’t let him try out my camera.

Or the guy tonight who spent five minutes tailing me because he remembered the time I told him where he shove his begging bowl after he hassled me in a restaurant. Then you deigned to notice my tripod and decided you had other, safer people to annoy.

I really fucking loathe all of you.

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