Three confusions for the price of one

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I own a (to get specific) 2GB Kingston DataTraveler I USB 2.0 Flash Drive, purchased (again, to be specific, as I’m going somewhere with this) from Frys of Las Vegas, U.S.A. somewhere in or around February or March 2008. Between then and now, the pen drive has done its job admirably: Stored files and ran Linux live. No complaints. And then, yesterday’s weirdness.

The First Confusion:
I sat down at a library computer, downloaded the latest Fedora Core and looked to copy it to my pen drive. There was already a 2GB Kingston DataTraveler I USB 2.0 Flash Drive in the computer’s USB port. I was confused, and inquired of the lady about its ownership. We shared anecdotes about our pen drives; found common ground to bond in over tales of hardships of data loss.

The Second Confusion:
I left the library for class. My pen drive didn’t leave with me. My helpful pen(drive)pal took the dongle with the intention of handing it in at the library desk.

The Third Confusion:
Instead she handed in my pen drive. That was on Tuesday. On Wednesday afternoon, I collected her pen drive from the library. Terror ensued. I can only imagine Pen Drive Lady’s mirroring mine when she realized that she had left in her own disk, with all of it’s precious fourth year documents.

Cut forward to Thursday. I wound up embroiled in a surreal five minute conversation with a librarian, as I held aloft the pen drive and tried to explain that I need this pen drive…but not this one. We had an audience, an appreciative audience who kept a respectful (if amused) silence. She offered me up a tray of pen drives to pick from, none of which were mine. I was on my fourth repetition of my sorry tale when the light bulb blinked on and she produced my pen drive from under the desk.

The is one of the more bizarre things to happen to me in quite some time.

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