Back playing with gallery2 again…

I’m giving gallery2 another try out, so I’ve uploaded a few recent photos of Killer (nothing you won’t find on Flickr) to have something at least to try out.

It’s nice, and this time around the netpbm module works (lets you resize/create thumbnails). So that’s a small huzzah at least. But honestly and on the whole, it really can’t match Flickr for ease of use. The interface is convulted and assy and first and third party batch edit tools seem thin on the ground, as do upload options – I would love it if Gallery could take a photo and constrain it to a given size on upload, or at least only display up to a given size.

Etc, etc, and so on. I want to start selling prints at some point and it would be one less thing to worry about if I didn’t have to upload and then resize the photos.

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  • Jen on

    Irfan View/Batch Conversions?

    Just trying to help, I absolutely hate having to resize pictures before I upload them myself. One of the reasons why I like Flickr so much, although Photobucket had finally after how many years changed the file size requirements a few months ago.

  • Mark on

    I already crop down for the web – the raw file is 10mb and the file I work on can be upward of 150mb (although ’tis rare I’ll work on a photo to that point).

    What I want is to be able to upload my already web-sized photo and the have gallery generate thumbnails and then finally toss the original.

  • Jen on

    Always gotta make shit complicated. :|

  • Mark on


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