I’ve been researching Digital Rights Management all day…

in college

I have learned that:

  • Opponents of Digital Rights Management are as numerous as the stars. They are only occasionally well-spoken, but what they lack in eloquence they make up for with their Zerg-like numbers and unquenchable zealotry.
  • Supporters of Digital Rights Management have entirely written off the Internet as a forum for meaningful communication, due to the rabid intensity of their opposition. I’d characterize them as business type who stick to hawking their views to lawmakers and other business executives at real-life symposiums and conventions. Comments made by them in favour of Digital Rights Management are generally reported second hand by opponents of DRM who are writing yet another scathing attack. Context is optional.
  • Supporters of DRM are generally coy about the real reasons of why it is good for business: Digital Rights Management gives them a sense of security. A sense of security leads to them selling content online. Selling content online leads to profits. Ergo, Digital Rights Management = Money.
  • I saw a great deal of empty waffle that used words like “quality” “trust” and “value” repeatedly.
  • Everyone, yes, even you Cory Doctorow, use the parable of Alice and Bob in your fundamental explanation of Digital Rights Management.
  • Researchers do not like Adobe’s PDF DRM.
    Researchers are vocal about their dislike of Adobe’s PDF DRM.
    Researchers happily use Adobe’s PDF DRM when it suits them to.


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