I’ll start by saying that-I had a mighty time. I really enjoyed myself with the other Boardie. But I didn’t feel inspired at all. I took some photos and then tortured something out of them this morning in Photoshop. I gave rein to the uninspired feeling to see where my subconscious took me, only to find that it has a fascination with bleak, black and white, contrasted pieces. In every photo I put online from Dublin, I find some kind of juxtaposition.

Something old, something new

Between the statue and the cranes, I see detail versus shilouette, light verus shadow, old verus new, and freedom and creativity stacked against stifling organisation. I’m inclined to pay attention to my subconscious, so I’m going to take all of those photos as a sign that the waiting is getting to me. Near to seven months of waiting and working toward a visa and now in the few days before the interview I’m at a free end with nothing much to fill my time before Thursday.

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