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I’m sure you’ve heard about this nonsense if you’re Irish.

I was going to make a post here to the effect that I didn’t give a shit about it, but the hypocrisy was too much for me, so I’ll moderate it to say: So what?

I had my family give me the argument that Croke Park is some sort of sacred bloody ground because of the black and tans. So what? The green has likely been replaced a dozen times since then, the stadiums have been long since replaced and the only people alive now who walked the earth then were babes in the crib. And now we’re expected to punish their grandchildren for this? Bullshit.

“It’s part of our history!”

So what? For sure Croker has had it’s share of tragic and historic moments, but for all of that it’s a stadium that’s supported by government tax money and I’m a tax payer. I’d rather that money be put to good use than be used to hold up a pointless bauble to Irishness republicanism.

I’m too much the cynic to follow nationalism. I belive in Ireland, not in any ruling party or government, and I will ’til the day I die.


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