Polar projection of Eyre Square

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Eyre Square polar projection

You can find some background on this photo here on boards.ie. Assuming you can get through – it’s sad that the site has become a victim of it’s own success that it’s nearly completely inaccessible for large parts of each day because it get’s so much traffic. The photo quality was pretty bad as I was more interested in getting the photos taken, than anything I would keep (the fact it was raining didn’t help),

Otherwise, it’s a slow day. It’s cold, pissing rain and and I’m stuck in waiting for a package for mum anyways. Using said slow day to go back over my work, I think I’ve decided that I like black and white photography. I always seem happier with a photo when I either bleach it or just strip out the colour entirely. So yeah, I’m looking forward to getting my new camera – I’ve a roll of shiny new B&W film sitting on my shelf waiting for it.

December 26

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