Semester: Half over

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I’ve neglected this blog bit in the past two weeks, sorry.

The first semester of my first year in my first college (13?) is half-finished. Contrary to my preliminary expectations of school, I’m doing fantastically:

I (so-far :) haven’t failed. I expected to drop out weeping and tearing at my breast in the very first week. Truth be told, I’ve found the learning curve shallow. The teachers have done a great job of breaking down some frighteningly intimidating subjects down into digestible chunks. A lot the material on my course is the same as what I’ve been exposed to in a decade of hanging around on the Internet with frighteningly intelligent men and women. Some of the material is of an introductory level to the same skills that I already acquired in professional environments.

The balance of the course material is completely new to me: Math and programming. I’ve never held truck with math beyond basic arithmetic, if you must know, and in fact I would dearly love to know how I ever managed to pass my Junior Certificate, let alone my Leaving Certificate. I even stopped going to my maths class for a while I just didn’t grasp the topic at hand, but an intervention by classmates and a friend here on the campus convinced me to go again. It turns out the area I was lost in (quadratic and simultaneous equations) was only one small part of what we’ll be studying over the next three years.

I’m happy for the intervention – thank you guys!

Programming has been utterly fascinating to date. The logic and ordered approach to problems that C# presents is enthralling, but difficult for me to follow. I am in lockstep with the course material; I take the code home and apply it to coding for Linux using Mono and Monodevelop.

That social…thing
One of the most hands-down interesting discoveries at school is that I am, in fact, mature. This runs flatly in the face of everything that I’ve been told of myself in the past few years. Compared to (bluntly) the kids in my class I have boundless confidence, tons of know-how and a paranormal level of organization. This is their first time away from home. To them school has been a place where they are told to sit down, shut up and memorize. To me, this school is a consequence-free sandbox where I can go and learn.

in college

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