Terryland infrared

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Beneath the Quincentennial Bridge

I have been on an awesome roll with infrared photos this weekend. I got off work at three o’clock yesterday as there was literally nothing for me to do-I told my manager that I would come in tomorrow morning to supervise our new staff, as I don’t trust them to organise the customer deliveries correctly.

Leaving work was worth it. I ran home, grabbed my kit, and took off up the Dyke Road to Terryland, newly armed with a hotshoe spirit level. It came free with a magazine-and free beats the eighteen euros that Jessop’s in Dublin asked me for one. I already wonder how I had ever managed to live without it.

The weather at Terryland turned poor and I had no hat or gloves to keep it, so I went back home a few photos better off.

Gas frames at Terryland The Quincentennial Bridge

The Western Way

in ireland

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