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Rest in peace, Merry

Hi Mark, i unfortunately have some bad news. Murphy was very ill he had pyothorax which is a rare infection in the lung cavity. There was nothing shy of a painful drawn out $3000 proceedure and hospitalization to do for him. Pyothorax is one of those things that happens out of the blue and it almost always fatal. We tried draining his chest but it was just going to be too painful and horrible and after that he would still have a maybe chance of survival and that’s with further breathing problems and scarring on the lungs. I thought you should knowthat I had to put him down at 6:30pm today. he went peacefully and i was with him the whole time.

Rest in peace, man whore.

Update: Tia’s partner Tim added this in the comments:

I can personally tell you – he was the greatest and most wonderful friend I have had the fortune of knowing. He was wonderful and I would give anything to have him back – or just one more day. We are all thankful for the time we had – thank you Mark – we loved you Mr. Meriadoc and you will live in our hearts forever. *

First Cycle Since…2008?

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