Athenry, Co. Galway

The pegasus plinth
Chruch graveyard in Athenry

I was in Athenry with my mother and sister this morning. They wanted to shop, so I asked them drop me off by Athenry’s cemetery so I could get a few photos. It’s a beautiful village, I wish I had more time there.

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  • Moley on

    neat. too bad there’s always a freaking electrical line around, though. same thing happens to half the photos i try to take.

  • Mark on

    I could take the line out if needs be..

  • Mi on

    Excuse me,I’m the one who doesn’t waer glasses! Where the hell is the wire??? :-O I need ye’re glasses!

  • Mark on

    Squint harder, silly

  • Jen on

    Fields of Athenry!

    Don’t feel bad, I don’t see any power lines either. :|

  • Moley on

    he took them out, they were there

  • Mark on

    Aye, I removed them and replaced the photo

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