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I am a helpless romantic. I see our world through kaleidoscopically-tinted glasses. It’s the inevitable result of being an introvert whose nose spends every free moment buried in a novel. I’m biding my time until Caira settles down enough that I can ambush her classic children’s books like The Hobbit and Goodnight Dune.

The above, however, is no confession. I am rightfully called a “bit odd” on a regular basis.

So here’s the thing: I can’t stop categorizing programming languages and computer programs with magical spells and cantrips. I just can’t. I’ve tried. I rationalized that all I am working with is an abstracted intermediary for binary code. That didn’t help. I began to look upon binary as Binary, the all-consuming God to whom all of our scripts and code are just penitent prayers.

So with that confessed, I need a spot of advice.

When I went back to school, I picked Systems and Networking for my course because I never imagined myself to have any kind of aptitude for programming. However, since the start of the year I have….not so much developed this brilliant talent for programming, as I have shown that I have an excellent grasp of what our class is up to and where the course will be going.

Now, a fair of this is my age: I’m in there aged 30 as a mature student. I’ve had a decade of rubbing shoulders with some brilliantly intelligent people at 091 Labs and elsewhere to give me a head start in this area. I completely expect people on the course to flower over the next few years and leave me choking in the dust.

That is not of concern.

What I’ve found is that I really enjoy applying mathematics in programming. It’s a wonderfully challenging in a bloody hard kind of way that I relish. It’s an outlet for creativity, and creativity is an area where I do excel in.

On the other hand, there is Systems. I’m as eager to learn about hardware as I am software, but I’ve started to see the general layout of that course over the next three years and honestly, I think most of it will be boring: At least half the course appears to be rote memorization of the makes, models and features of computer hardware parts. Boredom is a big, dangerous thing for me. I’m mercurial, fickle of attention and very easy to bore. If I get bored, I will probably wind up completely losing interest and ultimately failing my course.

For the time, I’m on top of all my work. No worries there. I’m doing especially well in creative areas – my C# and Photoshop projects aren’t due in for a few weeks yet, but they are done and dusted.

Wat een (Bergachtig) Dag!

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