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Mariah and her cat, Jess

…really, truly sucks. Hard vacuum-sucks. Mariah and I returned home from Gia and Stacy’s commitment ceremony (if either of you happen upon this post, the photos came out great!) to find her kitten, Jess, lying on the ground outside our bedroom and screeching in agony. We bundled the cat into the car, rushed her to the vet and discovered that she has what appears to be a plastic toy suck in her colon.

She is going to survive, but I – we – cannot pay the bill. The bottom-end of the estimate is $610, which we simply cannot afford, and so I need your help, whomever you may be. I’m honestly begging that you go on over to the right-hand side, click on the widget and donate, however much or little you might be able to afford.


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