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My Ubuntu 10.10 desktop I have an upbeat lead-in for this post: I’ve successfully upgraded my laptop to Ubuntu Linux’s 10.10. Easily as it turns out. Single-command-and-a-reboot stuff: do-release-upgrade I did have some a niggling problem in getting the new-old Gnome environment functional as I had been using Avant Window Navigator in place of gnome-panel. AWN just did not want to be removed.

So, 10.10
Me being me, I don’t see a whole lot of change from 10.4 => 10.10, all the hype aside:

  1. Some upstream bugs that affect me haven’t been fixed: gnome-power-manager still alternately puts my laptop to sleep or blanks my screen when I unplug from the mains.
  2. The user experience is effectively identical, insofar as I can tell.
  3. Ubuntu boots even faster now, big whoop.
  4. Why yes, the Ubuntu Software Center has even more goodies packed into it. I rarely use anything bar apt-get install * so I’ll sheepishly say that this new tool is a little wasted on me.
  5. Eye candy?

I am looking around, flailing, desperately, for new features in Ubuntu 10.10 to hype up or bitch about. This maverick Maverick release is strictly evolutionary, not revolutionary. Changes present are small and incremental. The lack of some upstream bug fixes is a frustration out of all proportion to its inconveniences.

At the end of the day, you know why I upgraded, and I know why I upgraded: There was an upgrade there to be had.

None of the above is the fun part. This, here, now, this is the fun part: I fucked my desktop. Fucked it spectacularly by inadvertently unplugging it during a partition resize operation. You see, there had been a 30mb of unallocated and unused space at the beginning of my hard disk that acted much as nails on a blackboard do to ordinary people. I had to fix this problem. It was a

wrong that needed to be set right. Terrible. Unsavory. My annoyance was compounded, compacted, expanded, invigorated, and energized with, by, for and through Red Bull, demanded that I finally move my router onto my desk after 11 months of procrastination. What is that absence, void and vacuum, all bereft of sound? Why do I not hear the cooling fan…?

It was fucked.

I had to laugh at it. Thanks to Dropbox, I lost little more than a World of Warcraft installation and some recent in-game panoramic work. Nothing unfixable. I cleared out the partition table, and began anew. The Ubuntu automagic installer fails at 27%, each and every time. I found (somewhat old; a few commands need inspired interpretation) a HOWTO on manually installing an Ubuntu desktop system from inside of a chroot. Most instructional, educational and downright fun, save for some persistent grub problems that I have cannily decided to procrastinate over in favor of managing a full Windows 7 reinstallation.

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