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I swear a lot. In fact, I’d say that I curse like a sailor, turn the air blue, etcetera. In light of having just made a full disclosure about my chat logs, it only seemed fair that I dive into them and, with the Power of Linux, see how many times I’ve fucked and blinded in conversations:

[mark][logs] # for file in $(find . -iname "*.txt"); do grep fuck $file | wc -l; done > badwords.txt

For those who don’t have the Power of Linux (har!), the above command searches for every .txt file at and below my current folder level, and in turn searches each matching file for “fuck”, records the frequency of “fuck” as a single, simple number and in turn takes this very long list of numbers (four thousand or more) and places them conveniently into a text file.

For the next step I can do commandline wizardry with sed and bc, but it is easier to copy and paste all of these lines into a spreadsheet and do =SUM(A1:A5000) (“A5000” is arbitrary because there are under five thousand conversations). This returned an amusingly high value.

Drumroll Please:
The top swearword for the years 2008-2010 in my instant message conversations is, with a clear majority (nearly twice the next word!), fuck, leading with 1,817 occurrences and counting.

This is the combined usage with no discrimination as to source. It would be easy – trivial – to instead search for my specific occurrences, but this gives me a bigger number to tout.

So wow, yeah, I have a very dirty mouth.

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