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Link: Export your Tumblelog

I’m not necessarily using it, but the existence of a tool that allows take-home-with-me goodness is very welcome and good to mention. I actually have used it in the past when I moved my last Tumblelog into WordPress (as 720nm).

Speaking as I am on this topic, Tumblr has some limitation that really piss me off, for all that I still love the service:

  • Crap draft system – I have to do it by hand, and when I save a draft it takes me away from the post? Come on now, Tumblr. I know you are aimed at short, visual posts, but those of us who warble on would love something like WordPress’ drafts feature. Developers: This goes for you too. A proper draft system wouldn’t fucking kill any of you.
  • Import/export. Limited for no real reason that I can fathom beyond to foster user lock-in.


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