Came home to one less cat. Other cat is making up for it.

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I came home from Galway last night to find Lucy completely hysterical and Nyx missing. I feel really, really fucking terrible about Nyx being gone, but as of right now I am not too worried. I’ve searched the roadsides a mile on either side of the house – and there’s no dead cat or any sign of an animal being hit. It’s been at least/about twenty four hours. I’ve had cats regularly gone for longer than that with no harm done…

…but on the other hand, my neighbor has trucks going around the clock. They like my cats, but what if Nyx hitched a ride?

…but there are ferrets in the area that could easily kill a cat.

Come home Nyx, all is forgiven. Your sister is going crazy.

Running Succccccks

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Happy Dissonance

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