2012 resolutions

  • Stay on antidepressants and do my best for my kids and their mother.
  • Lose 20kg of body weight. My BMI is comfortably in the middle of “overweight”. To that end I am starting yoga classes by the end of the month. And, you know, making an attempt to manage the sugar habit.
  • Finish the year in or near the top of my class. If I have to aim high, I may as well aim for the fucking moon.
  • Make myself more educable when it comes to programming languages. I had a “oh, snap!” moment over the Christmas, when I realized that a good understanding of C’s syntax will help me out with many more programming and scripting languages.
  • Keep up with my mathematics and look into thinking algorithmically. Oisin prompted me to keep and eye on the online courses Stanford are offering. Behold! I’m all signed up. The course begins January 23.
  • Fix the missing fucking header image on Mariah’s blog. It’s like nails being dragged down the blackboard of my soul.

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  • Jodi Schneider on

    Sugar is a drug–i.e., addictive.

    I’ve given it up for the month of January (though it does seem to creep into everything packaged).

    After a couple days/week, it’s *much* easier, because the physical cravings reduce.

    So if it’s hard to *reduce* sugar, consider a 10-day or 2-week trial of just cutting it out completely.

    Also, to lose weight, understanding the trend is really important. Talk to me about weight averaging or see slides about the hacker diet. There are some online tools, and the real key is that you can’t trust the scale, but you *can* trust the average. If that doesn’t make sense, ping me.

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