Oh, Texoil

from: Mark Grealish mark@bhalash.com
to: info@texoil.ie
cc: sligo@texoil.ie
date: Fri, Jan 27, 2012 at 12:52 PM
subject: Why was my cancellation not processed?


In October 2011, I signed up for Texoil Sligo’s direct debit payment plan for oil. Before I placed any order for oil, my bank account was debited, for €50, on November 28.

In the first week of December 2011, I had a change of circumstances and as a result I decided to cancel my order and seek a refund. I called the Texoil Sligo office and spoke to their worker there, who assured me that 1. my cancellation was understood, 2. my direct debit plan would be cancelled and 3. I would receive a complete refund of the €50 drafted.

On December 29 my account was again debited €50, but between school exams, and Christmas and new year’s travel I did not have an opportunity to follow up on the matter.

On Monday of this week (January 24), I contacted the Texoil Sligo office and spoke to their office worker who assured me that 1. my cancellation had been processed, 2. a refund had been issued. I was promised another callback from their manager/owner, X, which I duly received on the following day, Wednesday 25. X promised me that the direct debit would be cancelled and either a refund would be issued, or I would receive oil to the amount so-far debit.

This morning, January 27, Texoil again debited my account €50.

At this point in time, I have been promised a cancellation and refund on three occasions by the Sligo office, promises that completely fell through. I no longer have faith in their promises, and I no longer wish to deal with them.

I do not want credit in oil. I want the immediate and full refund of the €150 debited from my account. I understand that the amount is small in the grand scale of things, but I am a full-time college student supporting a family; the €50 debited from my account last night was my bus fare and food budget for the week coming.

At no point in time have I received any invoice or receipt in writing from Texoil, so I am happy to furnish original bank and phone records in order to confirm my claim.

My bank account details and a summary of facts:

  • Name: Mark Grealish
  • Bank: Bank of Ireland
  • Account #: ########
  • Holding branch: ##-##-## (##### branch, Galway)

My account was debited on:

  1. 28/11/2011 TEXOIL SLIGO DD 50
  2. 29/12/2011 TEXOIL SLIGO DD 50
  3. 27/01/2012 TEXOIL SLIGO DD 50

I expect a prompt reply to this email. I can be reached by phone on 086 190 8088, or by email to this address (mark@bhalash.com).

Thank you!

Mark Grealish
Co. Sligo

by Mark Grealish

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