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Of all the weird things someone could wax philosophical about, I want to talk about player versus player combat on World of Warcraft’s Arthas server. According to Warcraft Realm, 77% of Arthas’s population is Horde. Depending on how you round, that’s four-fifths (up), or three quarters (down), which is a noticeably severe imbalance.

I come into this as a member of the Alliance, the “oppressed” minority. I will attack who I can, where I can, and how I can. I will taunt you into guards. I will bring friends and guild to avenge a death en masse. I will defend other members of the Alliance who have been attacked, and will likewise extol them to pay it forward – to attack the Horde in turn. In short, I want to foster a mentality of total war against the Horde majority, for the sake of better, and more enjoyable, play. Arthas is a PVP server, after all.

I try to play honourably – I don’t gank lowbies too severely unless, I am trying to start a big brawl (think of it as placeholder farming), and corpse camping is right out unless they were rude.

So if Masserah kills you, it’s nothing personal. I’m doing it for the server.

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