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I wrote code for the first time since last summer, and with coding, comes some fairly hard choices what to do with myself after the summer. I’ve burned a lot of bridges over the last year, burned them very well indeed. College, over the past year, has been a complete loss.

I’ve been on time and in class for less than ten days out of ~130 of the two semesters gone, and I have zero idea of what the content of the year gone has been, although from those days that I have been in, it doesn’t seem ridiculous advanced; call any difficulty to be that of quantity, not quality.

Now, the choices:

  1. Write the last year off as a loss to depression, scrape up ~€1300 between now and Hallowe’en. I have some web work to finish, and could probably canvas more, so this isn’t as ridiculous as proposition as it seems.
  2. Cut my loss, admit academic defeat, and seek work in Galway. I’m passably good at Adobe Photoshop, HTML, CSS, and design, and I plan to move back to Galway for the summer anyway come May.

There isn’t an easy choice either way. Sligo is soul-crushingly boring, completely lacks in any social outlet for an introvert who doesn’t like pubs, and has marginally fewer amenities than, say, an arbitrary square kilometre of the Mojave Desert; the course material at college is shallow, full of gaping holes (see: my rants about the math from last September) and irrelevant crud, but it is a foundation I still absolutely need if I am going to do any work with code.

On the other hand, Sligo is a ridiculously beautiful county with plenty of outdoor activities.

There’s an excellent resource in Galway in the form of 091 Labs and its eclectic cadre of unwashed nerds, but that isn’t a substitute for Real Learning™.

In short, Sligo doesn’t have a lot that I want, but it has everything I need.

Wat een (Bergachtig) Dag!

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