Ow, back, ow

in me

I slipped, flew, and landed hard on my back last night, while wandering around Terryland forest park right behind Currys, and wound up in Casualty at UCHG for five hours. The consensus is that nothing broke, inside or out, and that I pulled a line of muscles that run up the middle of my back. I was given a small stack of painkillers and sent home.

I can’t lift, bend down, or chase my niece, but I’m really thankful to be up and walking after Aafke broke her hip surfing! Big thanks go out to Padraic for rescuing me at McDonalds when I was barely able to walk.

I have to say-I’m left shaken by the fall, especially as it is almost two years to the day since Mariah fell down the stairs and broke her ankle. I had a lot of very friendly digs thrown at me about my age, when I hobbled back into the hackerspace at midnight. There’s grey in my beard, my right arm is mostly useless from RSI, and I feel old. I’m 32, and I feel like an old gaffer who can barely go from A to B without a cane and a helping hand.

Casualty @ UCHG
Casualty @ UCHG

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