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I’m the dozen hundredth person to code this solution. I am always rebuilding my site on an ongoing basis-see a better way, code a better way. Today I’ve worked on the search results template. I want to be able to sort results, and have a counter for the results in the manner of “results x to y of z”:

It is pretty easy. Three numbers are needed:

  1. Current page number.
  2. Number of posts displayed per page.
  3. Total count of search results.

Calculate the top count-range number first (y in ‘x to y of z’):

$page_number * $posts_per_page;

Then the bottom count-range number:

$count_low  = ($count_high - $posts_per_page) + 1;

And finally round the top count-range if it is over the total:

$count_high = ($count_high > $total_results) ? $total_results : $count_high;

Here is the completed function. You can just drop this into your functions.php as-is.

function search_results_count($page_num, $total_results) {
    $page_num = ($page_num == 0) ? 1 : $page_num;
    $posts_per_page = get_option('posts_per_page');
    $count_high = $page_num * $posts_per_page;
    $count_low  = ($count_high - $posts_per_page) + 1;
    $count_high = ($count_high > $total_results) ? $total_results : $count_high;
    echo 'Results ' . $count_low . ' to ' . $count_high . ' of ' . $total_results;

Execute it with this line in search.php:

<?php global $wp_query; search_results_count(get_query_var('paged'), $wp_query->found_posts); ?>

It will output this string (for example):

Results 1 to 10 of 158


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