Wrecking Ball

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Shabura gets Wrecking Ball

I started off healing on my Shaman Masserah, but recently I have moved toward my Death Knight. Sure, healing can be a joy when you have a good partner: I can carry entire battlegrounds, surmount impossible odds to bring us victory, and laugh with impunity as the Horde try and fail to kill me.

On the other hand, healing without a good partner can be awful. Newbies, bots, and idiots who charge off to die ruin my fun, because my job is to keep those retards fighting, even when the fighting is the middle of the road.

To get on my Death Knight, and just punch people in the face is a good way to vent. And today I scored Wrecking Ball. Wrecking Ball isn’t hard to get, but I’ve only serious battlegrounds to date, so I was chuffed and happy. It requires heals, teamwork, and an exploitable disparity between teams. I’ve carried maybe six friends to the achievement while as a healer, but this was my first time, because there is zero chance I’d ever get it with Masserah.


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