Stick the footer to bottom of your document

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Fuck fucking CSS. I wasted two hours wanking with combinations of CSS and JavaScript with the goal of pinning the footer to the bottom of the page. The one that worked was convoluted, requiring two divs and an arcane spread of rules. The jQuery code below works better, and it doesn’t require phantom divs.

function stickyFooter() {
    var footer = '#footer';

    if ($(footer).offset().top + $(footer).outerHeight() < $(window).height()) {
            'bottom' : 0,
            'left' : 0,
            'right' : 0,
            'position' : 'fixed',
    } else {
        $(footer).css('position', 'initial');

If the footer's position from the top is less than the height of the window, add margin of the distance minus the footer's height to the top of the footer.

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